Do You Know When The Best Time Is To Move?

Do You Know When The Best Time Is To Move?

The best time to plan a residential move is usually dependent on the people who are moving and details specific to their needs. Moving is a very involved process, requiring much more than simply hiring the residential moving services of a local moving company; so the best time to move will be different for every family and every circumstance. Regardless of when a move happens, arrangements with the right local or long distance residential movers should always be made well in advance.

Best Time of the Week to Move

As it is with many things, the best time of the week to move is Monday through Friday. On the weekends, everything is busier. Stores and restaurants are busier, there is more traffic on the roads and highways, and many services – including residential moving services – are more in demand as many people want to move without having to take time off from work. People who opt to move during the week tend to have a greater flexibility of dates, and their move will be less stressful in general. Some local moving companies and long distance residential movers may even give weekday discounts for a local or shorter-distance relocation.

Best Season to Move

Weather can make a big difference in moving plans and keeping costs down. Naturally, the best move is one that can be completed in a comfortable climate that is neither too hot or too cold. Weather extremes, and the possibility of rain, ice and snow, or even extreme heat, can make travel more difficult for families, as well as long distance or local moving companies, and can increase the possibility of damage to personal items. Fragile items become more rigid and breakable in extreme cold, and items affected by heat can suffer damage as well. Electronic equipment can be damaged by both extremes. Therefore, the best recommendation is to avoid moving in the dead of winter or the heat of summer if there are many items that can be damaged. When a move must be made during those times, take extra precautions with affected items.

Best Time to Move with Kids and Pets

Moving with children and pets takes even more planning, and extra consideration along the way, since they require extra care and can be harder to deal with during a move. Careful planning is essential, as is scheduling the move when weather is not likely to be a problem for necessary stops and overnights. Where children are concerned, moving during summer vacation, or other school breaks, is recommended to ease the pressure of missing school. It also gives children and their families a chance to adjust in a new home before having to attend a brand new school.

Moving During Holidays

Some may see a holiday as some free time to move; however, depending on the holiday, a move may actually invite chaos. It is best to avoid a move during major holidays when there are heavy traffic conditions, busy stores and restaurants, and potentially stressful family times that might only increase with a move. Smaller holidays may not be much of a concern; moving during a major holiday should be carefully considered.

Determining the best time to plan a move that requires hiring a local moving company or long distance residential movers depends on many things, including who is moving, what items are being moved, and the distance of the move. Scheduling a stress-free move with the help of dependable residential moving services should be done well in advance, and preferably at a time when it is less likely to incur any stumbling blocks!

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