Don’t Make These 5 Moving Mistakes!

Avoid These Five Common Moving Mistakes

Moving a household is a stressful event that requires good planning to avoid problems. From the first search for moving services, to hiring the right local residential moving systems, moving requires thought and organization to keep things under control and reduce the stress involved. Unfortunately, many people underestimate exactly what is involved in making even a local move, and fail to plan appropriately. Before the local moving company shows up on moving day to begin, be sure to avoid the following common mistakes so the move goes smoothly.

  • Failing to Plan Far Enough Ahead – Moving services must be scheduled weeks in advance to ensure the desired move date is available, which can happen only after some research has been done to find the right local residential moving systems. Purging and packing takes some time as well, as does planning for a change in mail delivery, collecting personal records, and dealing with a long list of other things to be done before moving day arrives. Rushing through the organization and preparation stage can lead to a stressful move and problems with concerns that should have been considered
  • No Research or In-Home Moving Estimate – Begin the search process to find the right local moving company about two to three months from the desired move date. Companies should be researched based on reputation and complaints. Obtain initial quotes from some of them, and then decide which ones to get in-home estimates. Estimates, as opposed to generalized quotes, reduce the chance of surprises on moving day, such as the load being bigger than the general quote. An in-home estimate allows a customer to accurately compare services based on the price quotes for the actual items being moved as well as what is included in the price such as boxes, packing materials, packing services, etc. The best moving services are not necessarily the cheapest ones.
  • Leaving One Day For Packing – Packing is not a one-day job and should never be left for the day before a move. Running out of packing material, not having a good packing plan, or poor packing are just some of the problems people tend to encounter when rushing to get things packed in time. Start packing a little at a time, as soon as a move is scheduled. Carefully plan packing, leaving the last for those things still in use, which can be easily packed in time for the local moving company the next day.
  • Lack Of A Labeling System – Not creating some kind of a labeling system is a common moving mistake, which can cost both time and money later. Labeling every box contents as well as intended room will help local residential moving systems when unloading the truck. Additionally, it can help to locate things once the move is complete. A labeling and recording system is also important to identify any missing boxes or items after the move.
  • Not Taking Care of Moving Details – Movers offer different types of coverage for the loss of or damage to a customer’s belongings. Some coverage is based on value, while others are based on weight. It is essential to understand what type of coverage is included in the move and whether it is enough or should be increased. Moving policies, liability, and insurance claim details must be carefully read and understood before signing any paperwork for the best customer protection.

Although there are many details involved with the planning and execution of a successful move, avoiding these 5 main mistakes helps ensure things will go as smoothly as possible. Working with the best local residential moving systems involves researching moving services ahead of time, as well as good pre-planning in general. By planning ahead, being aware of the time and effort involved in good organization, and dealing with the potential unknowns early, working with any local moving company will be much less stressful!

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