How To Pack and Store When Moving – And Enjoy A Vacation!

Going On Vacation During A Move: Packing & Storage

Making a short local move or or a long distance relocation can be time consuming and stressful, right up to when the packing services are done and a home’s contents are headed to a new destination. Instead of being stressed, consider instead that moving time may be the best time to slip in some relaxation time by fitting a vacation into the plans. With some good preparation, and the help of a local packing and storage company and some good local storage, anyone who is relocating can take a short break, knowing their belongings are safe.

Avoid Long Stays in Hotels

After packing up a home and sending the moving truck on its way, a homeowner typically worries about hurrying to their new destination. Unless the move is a local one, this normally happens much faster than the arrival of the moving truck, often creating a situation where the family must stay in a hotel or with friends or family, waiting for their belongings to arrive. Depending on the distance and the moving service, this may be a few days or a few weeks. Rather than wasting such time, people can take advantage of this and take a vacation during the move. If travel plans are longer than the delivery time, a great option is to put items in temporary storage.

Moving Companies and Storage Services

The beauty of combining a vacation with a move is that many moving companies offer storage services at a low cost, depending on the move and length of storage time required. Many major moving, packing, and storage companies have their own warehouses that can store a customer’s belongings for an agreed amount of time. In this type of situation, items are usually packed and then stored at the facility, with delivery when requested.

If a moving service does not have the ability to store items in their own facility, a homeowner can negotiate to have their belongings delivered to storage first, then delivered to the final destination at a later date. In either case, with household contents packed and safely stored, it might be possible to plan a convenient side trip.

Prior Planning

When working with moving companies, a homeowner must plan a delivery date for their household goods ahead of time. Once that has been arranged and storage preparations are done including notification to both moving services and storage companies of a contact number – vacation plans can begin. After deciding on a destination, lodging, and mode of travel, be sure to arrange for pets and mail. Since a homeowner is technically “homeless” for this short period, arrange with a local veterinarian or pet sitting facility for Fido or Fluffy, forward mail to the local post office to be held until picked up, be sure any regular bills are covered by online bill paying services – and plan that short respite from moving!

Rather than dreading moving day, let it instead be the start of a long-awaited vacation before facing the moving-in process. With no immediate homeowner concerns and some careful planning, many can look forward to the arrival of a local packing and storage company since storage companies and packing services will handle the heavy work. All a homeowner needs to do is remember to pack the right clothes for that vacation!

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