Important Tips To Find The Best Commercial Moving Company!

Tips To Find The Best Commercial Moving Company

Relocating a company is no easy task. Doing so with the least amount of disruption from daily operations requires careful planning, and certainly hiring the right corporate movers. Whether in need of local commercial moving companies or long distance commercial movers, working with the best service is essential. It can make the difference between a seamless move that has employees back to work within days – or interruption in productivity that costs companies lost time, greater expense, and aggravation. Following are some tips on how to find the best commercial moving services to relocate any business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Get References

References are an important necessity when researching corporate movers. It is essential to get references and estimates from at least three companies several months in advance of a planned move. Ask local commercial moving companies for references of recent moves completed for similar types of businesses and contact those businesses. Some mainly residential services advertise corporate moving as well;  however, their actual experience moving a business could be limited. There is a big difference between moving a household and moving a company. Work with long distance commercial movers who have the right experience for planning and executing a corporate move.

Valuation Protection for A Commercial Move

Local commercial moving companies and long distance commercial movers typically include one of two different types of protection against loss and breakage – full replacement value or limited liability. With limited liability, reimbursement for damage or loss is based on a monetary amount per pound of weight. Considering the actual value of expensive furnishings, computer equipment, and other items, this rate might barely cover replacement cost for anything that is small, but valuable.

Opt for additional insurance if necessary, and be sure to check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on consumer rights concerning moving companies. It is also possible to look up a service’s insurance and safety records there. Ask your commercial moving services to issue a Certificate of Insurance with the hiring company and building owner listed as the “additional insured.” This provides additional protection against loss and any workers’ compensation claims for injuries that might occur during a move.

Estimates and Fee Schedules

Another very important consideration is the estimate, and how corporate movers actually charge for their services. Some charge by the hour, while others charge a net cost based on the estimate. In the long run, the net cost usually is less expensive, making it necessary to carefully look at any estimates before signing one. Have the estimate done in person, with a supervisor coming to your place of business to estimate the job; carefully examine the completed estimate. Be sure moving services can accommodate any items that require special handling, and confirm what their moving process includes and what will cost extra – such as packing, packing material, equipment breakdown and setup, etc.

After finding suitable corporate movers, discuss their planning process and how they facilitate commercial moves from start to finish. By doing this research, and comparing commercial moving services, a business can find the best mover for their company to have a safe, efficient move. Whether seeking local commercial moving companies or long distance commercial movers, finding a meticulous, professional service with the right experience will make any corporate move the best one possible!

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