Learn What You Must Do Before The Moving Company Arrives!

What To Do Before The Moving Company Arrives

Moving can be time consuming, confusing, and stressful if not well planned. Having a good strategy in place is essential, as there are many things that can be done before the moving company arrives. Hiring the best local residential moving service ensures timely handling of your household good; however, preparing ahead of time with the following tips can reduce the stress of moving in other ways. Take care of these important organizational tasks ahead of time, and be ready when the local household movers arrive to pack.

Downsize and Reduce

There is no sense to move items that are either unwanted or unusable, so moving is a great time to downsize and reduce. Go through everything from furnishings and accessories to clothing, and determine if there are items to get eliminate rather than pack and move them. Useful items can be donated; however, throw out or recycle any broken or unusable ones. The load will be lighter for the moving company, which means there will be fewer items to pack, keep track of, and then unpack at the new location.

Take Inventory

After downsizing, create a master inventory of each room. Start with a list of all furniture in the room, and then continue to include individual items as they are packed into moving boxes by local residential moving services. This helps provide in several ways:

  • A list to track items to check off as they arrive and are unpacked at the new location.

  • A convenient record of belongings in case a damage claim needs to be made with local household movers with a homeowner’s insurance.

  • An inventory of items to help find specific packed items after the move.

Plan for Furniture and Item Placement

Using a sketch or diagram of the new residence, plan ahead of time for the placement of large and heavy items so the local residential moving services knows where to place them. When larger items are correctly placed as they are moved in, there is less confusion and wasted effort. Marking and labeling boxes by room is also helpful. The end result will be much less chaos after the moving company is gone, since items will already be in the correct rooms.

Paint and Repair

The best time to paint or make any repairs in a new home is while the house is empty. Since remodeling or making repairs can take some time, it is a good idea to determine early what needs to be done and start any projects as soon as possible. Once all work is done, thoroughly clean the entire house in preparation for the arrival of the local household movers delivering household goods.

With a good organizational plan such as this, anyone can make less work of their move, and reduce the stress and chaos at the same time. Most any moving company will appreciate the effort, as it not only allows homeowners to better track their belongings, but also makes the moving process a much more efficient one!

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