Moving With Pets: Tips For Pet Owners

When planning a move, you can’t forget about what’s best for your pets.  The animals that you consider part of your family are most likely tagging along with you to your new location, so you want to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible during the entire moving process.  Animals can be very fearful of change.  You want to keep them close, and you want to make them feel like there isn’t a big change taking place.  There are many ways to go about keeping your pets (mainly cats and dogs) comfortable in there new location.

Here is a list of some simple tips for dog owners:

  • As soon as you get to your new location, take your dog out for a walk around the neighborhood.  Get him or her familiar with the area, because it is going to take some time for them to get use to.
  • Keep your dog on the same walking schedule from your old location (especially if he or she is used to going on walks on a daily basis).
  • Take your dog on similar walking routes at first.  You don’t want to confuse your pet when he or she is first getting familiar with the new location.
  • Keep around all of the items your dog is used to.  Your dog is used to eating out of the same bowl, drinking out of the same bowl, and playing with the same toys.  Keep around other items your dog has become comfortable with as well.  You don’t want too much change at once, so keeping your dog’s everyday bowls and toys will let your dog know that not everything is changing.

Dogs and cats have their similarities, so some of the tips mentioned above would work well with cats just like some tips for cats will work well for dogs.   Here is a list of some simple tips for cat owners:

  • Cats tend to roam around, especially when they’re exposed to a new environment.  It’s very important to let your cat get familiar with their new living space indoors before you let them outside of the house.
  • Limit the amount of rooms your cat can get into at first.  Give your cat a chance to get used to each and every room slowly rather than overwhelming them with your whole home at once (especially if it’s a larger home).

If you have pet fish, it can get a little bit complicated during the actual move from point A to point B.  Here is a list of some tips when moving fish: 

  • Pack up your fish tank last.  This will keep your fish as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.
  • Take as much water as you can from your tank to your new location.  This will make it easier and quicker for your fish to adapt to the water.  The easiest way to do this is by filling up clean 5 gallon buckets with about 3 gallons of water.  Then, simply secure a lid.  If you don’t have a lid then secure plastic bags to the top of the bucket.
  • Drain out the remaining water in your tank that isn’t being saved.  The slightest bit of water left in the tank could actually crack the bottom of the tank when you go to move it.
  • Remove all decorations from your tank, but make sure none of your fish are hiding in them!
  • If you have a larger tank, it may be in your best interest to remove the gravel as well.  Too much weight towards the bottom of your tank may crack the tank when it’s being moved.
  • Your fish can be moved in the buckets of water or bigger cups/bags of water.  Make sure you are allowing air for them, and be gentle when carrying the fish.

At Transtar Moving Systems we want a pleasant move for you and for your pets.  We are a moving company that will do everything in our power to make that happen.  Our professional team of movers is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of moving from packing boxes to knowing how to help your pets psychologically during a move.  Transtar’s team knows how to get it done!  Contact us today!


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