Moving an entire office requires considerable advance planning to minimize stress, confusion, and the possibility of things going wrong. It is strongly recommended that a company begin their planning at least two months or more ahead of any move date so that movers can be available on the required date. This leaves enough time to ensure everything is properly handled, down to the smallest detail. Depending on the distance of the move, a company must also decide if they need local commercial moving services or long distance commercial moving systems.

As soon as it is known that a move will happen, begin to search for and get estimates from commercial moving companies. Then at two months prior to the move, consider the following tips that a business can use to create an effective moving plan for the projected move:

Set A Moving Date

Two months before the move, choose a commercial moving company. Prior. estimates and potential move dates should have already been discussed as noted above with any moving companies being considered. Setting a date at this point allows all involved parties to begin to finalize moving plans and allows for adequate time to look into any necessary insurance coverage.

Form A Moving Task Team

One person cannot plan and execute the move of an entire company alone; therefore, it is essential for management to create a team of individuals that can devote their efforts to ensure a seamless transition from one business location to another. This task force would handle the organization and execution of the move with the selected local corporate moving company. They can delegate certain activities to other people, leaving themselves free to lead the rest of the company..

Plan Office Design

A floor diagram of individual office space and other areas at the new location is essential. At this stage, a diagram should be used to ensure there are electrical outlets and other necessities properly identified. This time can also be used to handle any required improvements that need to be done so they are completed in time for the move before the commercial movers arrive. This is the time to create a plan for unpacking and setting up the office once the actual move relocation is over, so that the company is up and running quickly, with the least amount of difficulty.

Arrange for New Business Essentials

So work can be resumed as quickly as possible, services with local utility and internet companies must have an exact turn on or switch-over date, if this is something that must be handled by the business and not by the commercial moving company. Then a plan should be devised to turn off, pack up, move, and resettle all computer network equipment, so that the network, as the rest of the other electronic equipment, is moved in, set up, and running.

Organize the Packing

Any packing material needed for the move should be purchased ahead of time to be available if a self move is being done; otherwise, that is handled by the selected corporate moving company. Determine a plan for packing up various areas of the building so that things are ready and organized in each area when moving day arrives. Employees can be expected to pack their individual areas with the exception of electronic equipment, which should be the last thing packed by network personnel and the commercial movers and the first thing unpacked and setup.

No one corporate move will be the same as another, however, by creating a detailed plan of who needs to do what and when, a company can arrive at moving day well organized, and ready for the move. Preparing ahead of time for commercial movers – whether it be a long distance commercial moving company or local commercial moving services – encourages a coordinated effort to help reduce stress and increase the efficiency of moving an entire company!

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