How to Prevent Over-Packing For Your Upcoming Move

Moving from one location to another is the best time to get organized, and the best way to get organized is to throw out, donate, or sell everything that you no longer use or need.  You should separate your things into 4 very simple piles and they should be “Needs/Wants”, “Donations”, “Items to sell”, and “Trash”.  Do not make a pile for anything you MIGHT need or MIGHT want because that’s how people end up packing up a massive amount of items that they will just keep in a bin and never look at again.  It isn’t really rocket science, and you will be surprised at how many pointless items you have that are just taking up space.

There are always going to be those unnecessary items that people will always pack away.  Here is a list of some of those items you should really reconsider over packing or even packing at all.

Paper Items

GO GREEN!!! Paper items are the most over packed items in the history of packing.  Get rid of those magazines, catalogs, receipts, expired coupons, and the insane amount of birthday/holiday/get well soon cards that everybody holds onto to but never looks at more than once.  At least 80% of the paper in your home has no use anymore.


There are always going to be clothes in a home that nobody wears.  It may be because the clothes don’t fit anymore, they are out of style, or maybe because you just don’t like them anymore.  Whatever the case is, donate them or even sell them.  Clothes can be very valuable to many people, so anything you may not want may be greatly appreciated by someone less fortunate.

The Things You’re Going to Fix When You Find Time

When something you really like breaks, you drop everything you’re doing to fix it…right?  WRONG!  Sometimes you may fix it right away, but more often than not, it will remain broken and useless for a while.  You throw most broken things in a drawer or box and tell yourself that you’re going to fix them when you get time.  The truth is, you’re never going to fix everything even if you have time because you most likely forgot about most of the things that broke.  Throw these items out before more boxes of broken decorations and coffee mugs accumulate.

Outdated/Broken Electronics

Everybody has those boxes and drawers filled with old phones, mp3 players, gaming devices and all of the cables, chargers, and dead batteries that come with them.  Most of these devices have been replaced or they are broken.  Realistically, once they’re in that box or drawer, they are never going to see another day outside of that box or drawer.  What’s the use in taking them to your new home?  Get rid of them and use that drawer or box for something useful!

At Transtar Moving Systems, we want to you to be comfortable in your new home, and a great way to stay comfortable is to live in an environment that is clutter free.  Think twice about what you’re putting in your boxes when packing for a move.  With the time you use to pack, you can also do a lot of organizing.  Contact us today to find out more about all of the moving services Transtar Moving Systems has to offer you in the tri-state New Jersey area.


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