What Do You Know About The Different Types of Moves?

What Do You Know About The Different Types of Moves?

Getting the most for your money when hiring residential movers requires finding the right movers. Since no two moves are the same, understanding the various types of moves is essential for a person looking to hire a moving service. The first call people often make are to local moving companies; however, when a move takes a person across the country, long distance residential movers are the ones to contact. Following is information about the different types of moves done by moving companies to help better understand your own needs.

Local Moves

Moving within the same city, or even neighboring locations, are considered to be local moves. Local moves are usually determined by distance, with most moving companies considering anything under 100 miles to be a local move. Billing is done by man-hours, which is determined by the number of workers multiplied by an hourly rate, for as many hours as the move takes.

Long Distance Moves

Moves that exceed the distance limit of a local move yet are within the same state, are considered to be long distance moves. Long distance moving is typically offered as full-service, where movers do everything including packing, loading, and unpacking; or self-service, where homeowners pack everything and movers load the truck, drive it to the new location, and unload it. Fees are determined in a number of ways depending on the company, often based on load weight, distance traveling, and whether full or self-service is requested.

Interstate Moves

A move that crosses state lines, whether into a neighboring state or on the other side of the country, is an interstate move. As with long distance moves, fees are similarly calculated.

International Moves

Moving from one country to another is an international move, although there are instances such as moving from the continental U.S. to Puerto Rico, Alaska, or even Hawaii that are also considered international moves. These moves require shipments through customs, by air or sea, or much longer distances by land, requiring more intensive planning. Fees are often based on shipment volume; however, other charges may apply depending on the service, the destination, and other elements.

Corporate Moves

Business moves, whether local, long distance or elsewhere, are corporate moves and work best when planned by corporate relocation specialists. These movers provide much more than just packing and moving of equipment, including many valuable services to help businesses plan and execute a relocation. The intent is to be able to resume operations as quickly as possible.

Moving Cars and Special Items

Moving companies do not automatically handle shipping automobiles or other more specialized items that might be bulky, large, or fragile. Special transport can be arranged for these items with a company that specializes in shipping non-standard items. Cars are transported by auto carriers, either enclosed or open, while other items must have some other type of moving arrangements. Some moving companies may offer services for shipping non-standard items or can suggest another service for that. There are services available to handle the relocation of everything from motorcycles and pets, to houseplants – all in the safest way possible.

There are many options to choose from when planning a move as well as a variety of moving companies available to hire. Contacting the right residential movers from the start, whether looking for a local movers company or long distance residential movers, will save time in the search for the best company. Using the appropriate moving service also ensures a customer will get the best service and most experience for their money to have a move that is smooth and stress free!

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